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News, Events, HELP NEEDED, Announcements and Thank You's

Here is where we will tell all our news, events we are going to or that are being held for bullie owners and general announcements, along with any big thank you's we need to give out to the people who support our rescue and what we do

Plea for funds 2020!

We hate making posts requesting financial donations, but we have no choice at the moment.

Over Christmas 2019, our funds were drained by several non-essential vet visits including an out of hours call out when a Foster home had gone against all advice.

Our funds are exceptionally low and what we have is spoken for on upcoming procedures.

If anyone can donate anything to our funds we would be very grateful.

Our PayPal address is:

[email protected]

Please ensure you select friends and family (PayPal have removed the setting where it remembers your payment choice) or we will not get the full funds from your donation as PayPal take fees from it.

Our bank details are:

Natwest bank

Bullie rescue uk

Sc: 60 09 13
Ac: 748 87 068

We also have our fundraising group on Facebook, which has items available to purchase and a flash auction running.

If anyone wishes to donate items to us to sell, please contact admin who will advise where to send items.

We will be very grateful for all donations received no matter how small they are.

Thank you all in advance for your ongoing support